Mailsomething mailapi

This project is a derive of Mailsomething. The intention is to create a general purpose mailapi which can be used in different contexts - on a thick client, in webapps, to build a mailserver, etc. The idea of this project is not new and inventive - the primary drive for it is to exercise making a functional api.


The api defines a generic mailaccount/mailbox/message relationship which allows for different implementations. Where standard client implementations of Pop3, Imap, and Nntp will be available. Theres also work on a simple pop3 server using the mailbox/message implementations.

Work progress

Some of the work is allready done, regarding different protocols Pop3, Imap, general maildecoding/-encoding. Imediate tasks is to design the api to allow different forms of persistence, and make a clear seperation between design and implementation. Optimization of existing code like different protocol implementations and message decoding/encoding is a continuasly work in progress.


Everyone is welcome to contribute. Contact the admin if u think u can help. Logo